Only In Secret

Midwood F376 1964

She wondered how she could keep the sordid truth of her tainted past from her husband

From the back:

Face The Facts, Honey…
You wanted to conform. You wanted the normal, happy life that society dictates. You wanted to be a slave to a husband and a kitchen and a bank mortgage. You wanted to submit to routine sex that consists of calloused hands and vulgar grunts and crude maulings and selfish pleasures. You wanted it because everyone told you that was what you were supposed to want. Well, that might be all right for some people but not for you and not for me. We know there’s something a helluva lot better, a helluva lot more satisfying and the sooner you admit it to yourself, the better off you’ll be! We’re two of a kind and deep down in your heart, you know it.


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