4 thoughts on “Organized Crime Defies Uncle Sam”

    1. This is the cover that threw me off. When I compared it to the other Michael McCann covers on this site, it didn’t seem to me like it matched the others. Instead, to my eye it looked more like Howell Dodd’s work.

      But if this were yet another Dodd cover, then my comparisons of that other cover (that initially reminded me of A. Leslie because of the redheaded woman, for a couple of his covers have a short haired redhead like that) to this cover (and to the other Dodd covers) would have led me to conclude that that other cover was also Dodd. But I had to remove this cover from the comparison because it’s McCann, not Dodd.

      So this cover threw me for a loop, and still does, because I can’t see how it’s the same style as the other McCann covers.

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