Part-Time Call Girl


Beth made sex her credit card
She Was A Demure Suburban Housewife. But In Her Spare Time She Played At Being A Call Girl!

From the back:

BETH had to have money. She couldn’t get it from her tightwad husband. She couldn’t get sexual fulfillment from him, either. Their lovemaking was as empty as Beth’s pocketbook.
SANDRA saw her chance. She persuaded Beth to join the part-time call-girl ring that operated in their quiet suburb. A ring made up of “respectable” housewives not averse to cash – and a few new thrills.
In her spare-time excursions, Beth collected both the cash and the thrills. But she made the mistake of falling in love with one of her clients who couldn’t return the love of a prostitute. He could only pay for the use of her body.
Then Beth realized that she was caught in quicksand, sinking deeper and deeper into depravity…


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