Pleasure Alley (1960)

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Beacon B307 1960 thumbnail
Beacon Books B307 1960
Beacon B307 1960

Eileen was the amateur — Lily was all pro! The Unexpurgated Truth About Women Of The Slums. Will Shock Some — And Shame Others!

From the back:

MUST every girl fall victim to the tawdry evils of the city jungles? Are there no defenses against dope and liquor — the blandishments of procurers — the pawings of young punks? With shocking realism, this novel depicts the degrading lives of young women caught up in squalor and immorality, whose only hope is to be cleansed by their own sins…

Here is the story of Eileen Carter, a blossom among the weeds—and of Lily, buxom Lily, who turned pro and was proud of it. Brutal Tom Dolan plucked the blossom, then traded on her lush beauty, which was perfect bait for the rich boys from across the tracks. What Eileen could not handle, the indefatigable Lily accommodated… For both girls meant to squirm out of the slum, to climb high at any cost! All the more bitter that at the top of their climb, they tumbled back into the depths where twisted men waited to exploit female flesh …!

Bound to disturb the self-righteous, PLEASURE ALLEY will come as a revelation to all who believe that “nice” girls cannot succumb to indecency!


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