Sex Habits of Single Women

Beacon Signal Sixty B748X 1964

This bold new book is an encyclopedia of the sexual practices and erotic fantasies of modern unmarried women. With case histories in their own words…

From the back:

CAROL L. “If a man wants you and you want him, you don’t just sit there.”
NANCY R. “His wife can’t give him satisfaction—but I can.”
HELEN Z. “There’s regular sex and there’s fancy sex. I’m a specialist in fancy sex.”
MURIEL F. “Both of us were women … and proud of it!”
MIMI D. “The day I decided to divorce Dave, I kissed my reputation goodbye.”
Disclosing the intimate love patterns of the unmarried female, the case histories in this study are highly enlightening. Revealed here is the full blueprint of America’s most disturbing social problem—illicit sex among single girls both “normal” and “abnormal” —portrayed in the personal stories of the women studied, and in comment by authorities in such fields as psychology and law. For every adult alarmed by spreading immorality and anxious to root out its causes, SEX HABITS OF SINGLE WOMEN, is required reading.


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