Abnormal Wife

Beacon Softcover Library B838X

Most Women Can Be Satisfied With Normal Love, But Not Marian… Not Marian!
In Manhattan’s little-known byways, this restless wife sought and demanded forbidden thrills and “different” love

From the back:

She Stopped At Nothing For Her Kicks…
Marian was not willing to leave well enough alone. She could have lived on comfortably in the suburbs with her husband but she was bored and restless. With him, the marital bed was tedious and sex routine.
That’s why Marian decided to give her sensuality free rein. She went on an expedition into Manhattan, cultivated bizarre friends — looked for unusual, sensual experiences— sought odd types of lovers who would stop at nothing….
Life became a series of off-heat adventures for Marian. For a time she enjoyed the repeated thrills of her strange, taboo world. But the odd breeds oddity. She found herself incapable of returning to normal ways, normal love.
A Novel Fearless In Its Revelations About Abnormal Sex — And The Women Who Demand It!


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  1. “I don’t mind abnormal – even bizarre, unusual – sensual experiences. But, seriously, when was the last time you washed under your arms, cobber. You could cultivate a whole new oddity there I’m sure!”

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