Sex Is A Woman

Sex Is A Woman by Sheldon Lord 1963. thumbnail
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Sex Is A Woman by Sheldon Lord 1963.
1964 BEACON B704X

It’s a discontented young wife like Lana… A youthful widow like Nancy, empty… aching… A matron like Louise, beckoning men with her body… And They All Turned To Dr. Paul Dobson

From the back:

Has Suburbia Become Sexurbia?
Here’s a burning, powerful story of crumbling morals in the American suburban community. A doctor who forgets his Hippocratic oath to become amorously involved with his wealthy patients. A young widow hungry for love. A divorcee four times, ready for any indecent proposition. The doctor’s own wife, whose paramour is her own brother-in-law.
A man loses himself, his wife, his ideals and his prestige as a physician in the suburban sex-shuffle that is fast becoming a national disease.

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