Sinful Sisters

Archer 52 (1951). Cover Art by Heade

From the back:

In this fascinating tale of love, passion, and intrigue, Roland Vane again demonstrates his acute insight into feminine psychology. It is the story of two sisters—the elder one, utterly shameless, mercenary and sordid, who looks upon men as her legitimate prey; the younger sister, self-effacing and innocent, yet acutely conscious of a strange passion which seems to drive her on remorselessly.

How the interests of these widely-contrasted characters clash and lead to inevitable conflict and rivalry; how the strange workings of Fate make their paths cross, and re-cross; and how the deadly hatred of a thwarted woman, brings down disaster upon the head of one, whose only crime was to love not wisely but too well, is brilliantly told, against a background of the sinister side-streets of Soho, and the garish glamour of London night clubs.


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