5 thoughts on “Soft Bodies For The Nazis’ Hall Of The Living Dead”

  1. I dig the expressions of the men. Actually, I like the whole scene. The two Nazis in the chairs, chatting nonchalantly while watching the woman being tortured and killed; the hairy toga man wearing the Nazi necklace; the blind-in-one-eye guy (I’m not sure what he’s doing, but I like him); the dead women in the see-through coffins; and last but not least, the blonde tied in that very original behind-the-back bond, with the added detail of a number tattooed on her arm. It’s all around very creative stuff. I wish I knew who did this piece.

    1. Yes, I find the facial expressions great, too! Another running aspect in these deranged-nazi covers, other than the über-moronic-looking torturers, is how the girls don’t seem to be much bothered – their expressions range between sheer indifference and slight annoyance, as if they were thinking something in the lines of “drat, really had different plans for this evening – must buy some provolone at the Deli for tonight’s dinner. And black pepper”. This one cover would be an exception (which I don’t dig – but moronic faces kinda help cancel the bad vibe).

  2. I was born in 1957, so these pulp magazines with Nazis torturing half-clad beauties had a profound effect on my developing psyche. Their heyday was in the Sixties, and grabbing these mags from the top of the drug store magazine rack was almost as exciting as opening them up and “reading” them. And it was always done while keeping an eye out for the proprietor, who didn’t look kindly on adolescents getting their grubby little hands on these goodies. Ah, good times.

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