Suburban Wife (1958)

B-164 Universal Publishing 1958 thumbnail
Universal Publishing B-164 1958 thumbnail
B-164 Universal Publishing 1958
Universal Publishing B-164 1958

A Searing Story Of A Lonely Wife On The Prowl — Told Frankly And Unblushingly!

From the back:

They Were Married — But Not To Each Other
The Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys were neighbors—just good friends. But young Beth Ford was lonely and neglected… Pretty Grace Saxon was sick of a husband who wouldn’t give her what she needed… Millicent Ramsey, buxom and blue-eyed, had been waiting—and wanting—for seven frustrating ears… Inevitably, each saw the other’s man as more attractive than her own. So pretty soon the Fords, the Saxons and the Ramseys became more—a lot more—than just good friends. Then came the final shuffle that had them sharing practically everything!
A Story Of Life Behind — The Bushes Of Suburbia 


One thought on “Suburban Wife (1958)”

  1. “The Bushes of Suburbia” is such an awesome title. Much better than “Suburban Wife.” They should have went with that.

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