One thought on “Suburbia After Dark”

  1. Greetings, I recently read this book. I am currently working on some “Modern Pulp” Stories. A little more complicated, sexual & graphic than this old pulp gem but these stories planted the seeds of what I am currently writing. This story has lots of sex mainly with a Handy Man his name is of course “Rock” and the lonely house wives, with the lame, unsatisfying Husbands with name’s like “Earl”. Our lonely wives fight over Rock like he is a Sex God. Not too graphic but lots of, wet, climax, heaving breasts, and drill like penises. It was fun. but know story line. It would be great for a couple that’s looking to add role playing to their sex life. My story on the other hand is graphic, involves satanism, violence, murder, cops, politicians and a 42 year old African American Female who is the hero in the end. Which ends as an anti sexist, politics bashing, anti-racism, dark, but with a hope for the future. But in between that lots of violence, graphic sex, dirty politicians, hidden lessons on humanity, etc. In other words lots of Pulp. Thanks for your website. I love it

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