Nicaragua’s Treasure Of “Dead Virgin Swamp”

Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966 thumbnail
Real Men January 1966 thumbnail
Help Yourself, Real Men magazine cover, January 1966
Real Men January 1966

Also featuring Wife Swapping Is Everything We Hoped For!, Pain Is My Way Of Life And I Love It, and Assignment: Nymphomaniac

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Killer Cat

True Adventures cover, April 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures April 1962 thumbnail
True Adventures cover, April 1962
True Adventures April 1962

Also featuring How She Wants To Be Loved, Why The G.I.s Call It Pig Alley, and The Devil’s Dew

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Illustrated Tales Of The Supernatural

Creepy #18 1968

A rather faithful reference to cover of June 1926 Amazing Stories 


The Day A Madman Was Unleashed From Prison!

Man's Life December 1969

Purge Of Blood, Death And Rape Across Texas!

Also featuring Happiness Is: Sex With My Best Friend’s Wife, Miracle Escape From The Commie Killers Of Cambodia!, Malibu Beach: Where Topless Love Kittens Run Amuck!, and I Was Captain Of The Mafia’s Ship Of Vice!


The Double-Crossing Love Dolls Of Tokyo

Real Men October 1963

Also featuring I Was The King Of Stag Movies, The Golden Treasure Of Yucatan, and Sex From A Bottle


Jungle Magic That Kills Today!

Champion For Men February 1960

Also featuring Taboo Love Goddess Of Paradise Island, Rodeo Is Suicide, and Pistol Packin’ Madame Of Redeye Saloon


Menu For Today: Human Meat!

Champion For Men December 1959

Also featuring The Savage Nymphos In Broadway’s Back Yard, The Man Who Destroyed The Brothels, My Wife Is For Sale, and Who Says Baseball Is A ‘Sport?’


I Was A Prisoner Of The Nympho Captain Of Stalag Nine!

Battle Cry June 1959

Also, The Pleasure Maidens Of Stalingrad, Goon-Boy and His Tank, and The Week The Women Were Free!


“Punchy” Britten And His Six Scarlet Brides

Real Men October 1959


Campgrounds Where Vice And Passion Run Rampant!

MANS LIFE March 1967 10-9

Also, A Legal Sex Show — South Of The Border!, Are You Planning On A Heart Attack, and The Screaming Killers Who Are Preparing For World War III

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Mountain Of Dying Flesh

REAL MEN December 1964 8-9

Also featuring I Took A Chance With Sex Pictures, A Personal Report On Wife Swapping, Devil Behind Bars, and The Naked Blonde Of Paris

This cover art was later reused for the May 1966 issue of Man’s Life

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We Answered An Ad For Wife Swapping

Man's Adventure March 1964 thumbnail
MANS ADVENTURE March 1964 5-6 thumbnail
Man's Adventure March 1964
MANS ADVENTURE March 1964 5-6

Also, Human Heads at a Dollar Apiece, We Heard Their Screams Of Pain, and A Python For My Lady

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Incident At Benghasi

MANS LIFE May 1966 10

One man and six women behind the German lines in North Africa

Also, Wife-Swapping: The Modern Way To Happiness!, The Viet-Cong Commander’s Private Camp Of Pain!, Smuggle Her To Freedom!, and I Found The Treasure Of Hadramut!

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A. Conan Doyle’s Tiger Shark Hunt

ADVENTURE October 1961 138-1

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