The Speed Set


Fast and furious excitement… frenzied and feverish passions!

From the back:

By day, they played a game of danger, flirting with death on every hairpin turn… by night, they played a game of passion, seeking new thrills with each new partner. There wasn’t anything they wouldn’t try, anything they wouldn’t do… as long as it provided the wild, hot excitement they so recklessly pursued.


Belly Dancer Raid To Spring Russia’s Top Rocket Man

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For Men Only May 1964

This issue also features the stories Case Of The Teasing Redhead, Amazing Undersea Dogfight Of U.S. Killer-Sub Harder, and Cruise Ship Of Man-Hungry Girls (New Vacation Binge)

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Last Race


A novel about auto racing — as high-speed, high-powered and death-defying as the world’s most dangerous sport


The Bad Girl Army Of “Handsome Harry” Henschel

True Action October 1960

While the Yank agent poured gin for Japanese generals, his “barmaids” slipped their troops TNT kisses

Also featuring Shipwrecked Playgirl And Her Lifeboat Lovers


Hero Driver

POCKET BOOKS # 1059 1955

From the back:

The Two Most Dangerous Games In The World Are Sportscar Racing And Women. Scott Warren Was An Expert At Both!
In the big race, Scott would be diving Miles Fenton’s sleek Ferrari. Between races, he had Fenton’s wife, the beautiful and expensive Moira. Then Scott met Julie, a little Hollywood tramp…


Assignment: Seduction

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Merit_406 1963
1963. Merit Book 6M406

“You gotta make him fall hard. A dame like you can swing it easy.”

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School For Girls

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Sex Was A Major… At Mrs. Hawleys!
A Novel That Deals Boldly — Honestly… With A Subject Long Considered Taboo

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