Nurse Kathy

Permabooks #M-3099, 1957

The exciting story of a beautiful nurse who fell in love with a patient someone wanted to kill


Desperate Asylum

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1955 Lion Books LL44
Lion Library LL44 1955

A Brilliant Story Of Lesbian Love

From the back:

Lisa Sheridan—a beautiful woman, alone and unfulfilled, driven by unnatural desires… Avery Lawes— only half a man because he had never loved a woman…
They met, and each saw in the other a chance for escape. And so, in a frantic flight for normality, they were married. But they could not know the terrible depths into which their union would plunge them.
Desperate Asylum is the gripping story of a marriage made in Hell.


Night Never Ends

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The Story Of The Strangest Marriage Ever

From the back:

George had always been a chaser. He’d get drunk, come home late, with lipstick all over him. Belle took it. She was his wife, still in love.
But one day he went too far. And when they found him, they treated him the way you’d treat any lunatic boar that had to be tamed. They gelded him.


Hero Driver

POCKET BOOKS # 1059 1955

From the back:

The Two Most Dangerous Games In The World Are Sportscar Racing And Women. Scott Warren Was An Expert At Both!
In the big race, Scott would be diving Miles Fenton’s sleek Ferrari. Between races, he had Fenton’s wife, the beautiful and expensive Moira. Then Scott met Julie, a little Hollywood tramp…


Never Victorious, Never Defeated

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The dramatic story of a lusty redhead who ruled a fabulous family

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The Blackboard Jungle

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Violence and hatred among teen-age hoodlums — the best-selling novel of a burning problem

A novel of juvenile delinquents

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Sign Of The Pagan


A spectacular novel of Atilla the Hun and the last days of the Roman Empire