Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Death-Chase for a Million-Dollar Nymph

Action for Men story illustration, July 1973


Beach House Tramp


“You must be in a pretty big hurry,” McCord called to the girl. “You’ve forgotten to dress…”

A tantalizing, honey-lush blonde hellion, she fled from her motel shower into the arms of Wes McCord, bringing promises of passion and of a fortune in stolen loot. Then, with one flick of her petal-soft hips, she dragged him through a nightmare maze of speedboats, fists and kill-crazy hoods in a corpse-studded manhunt and treasure search that seared Florida’s Gulf Coast far worse than any tropic sun…


Discotheque Takeover Of The Savage Corrupters

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Straight out of 1968, baby!


Three For The Money


The widows of a murdered gambler search for the killer and the loot!

That actually sounds like it could be a good story. I would watch that movie, anyway.


They Came To Rob Las Vegas

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“They touched the raw Vegas nerve with the wildest heist in history! And they challenged the syndicate boys in their own backyard!”


Triple-Cross Mob

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20232124-Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

The Lure Was Money… But Pilot Tom Carew Had a Different Racket

I am trying to imagine the circumstances that would lead to a man and woman running nude from a small plane with suitcases full of cash, while being pursued by what may be the authorities. 

Gil Cohen duotone for STAG, Nov. 1971

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No Wooden Overcoat

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“To know her was to burn and be burned… But when you are dealing with drug trafficers… You must keep cool… And alive”


Little Men, Big World


Too countryfied for the city, too cityfied for the country, Arky had to run the syndicate, or get out. Either way, he played for the biggest stake of all — his own life.