Death Has Loving Arms!

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“Pay Up — And I’ll Shut Up!” She Said. Blackmailing Baby Beware!

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Sinful Revelry of the Night-Club Wife!!

Women in Crime November 1948

A cigarette girl — a suspicious husband — and a rendezvous with DEATH!


Girl Gangs!

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Women In Crime March 1951
Women In Crime February 1949

Our Greatest Menace! — Our Bitter Tragedy! — The Newest Wrinkle In Juvenile Crime!

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Strange Case Of The Bride Who Hated Her Groom!

Women In Crime July 1950


Man Of Affairs

Women in Crime November 1953

Two sloe-eyed native beauties… shady intrigue… and sudden death! An exotic true story of an island adventure…


The Corpse In Passion’s Cradle

Women In Crime May 1951

It’s Tough For The Dance-Hall Dame Who Has To Look Good, Talk Good And Be Anything But Good If She Wants To Last In This Dog-Eat-Dog Game!


Glamorous Gun Girls

Women In Crime #1 1946

Also featuring Women In The Death House and Female Murder, Inc.


The Blonde Siren Of Paradise Alley!


Her sweet song promised love… and paid off in death!


Cold Cash Pays For Warm Flesh!


The Hot-Eyed Dame Glimpsed The Money Passing From Sucker To Sucker… Now They Were Talking Her Language!