The Dead Died Twice


So many great titles on this cover. I could have easily gone with The Tattooed Cobra or The Case Of The Crimson Claws as the post title.


Saddlemate Sweethearts Of Tragedy Ranch

Rangeland Romances June 1938


The Tight Corner


Relentless Manhunters Pursue an Innocent Fugitive Through Murky Bayou Swamps


A Kiss Goodnight Leads To Another — Murder

Detective Short Stories October 1947

Final issue. The entire thing can be downloaded here

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The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba!

Jungle Stories Winter 1948 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0004-5 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0009 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0015 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0021 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0061 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0071 thumbnail
Jungle 1948 winter 0087 thumbnail
Jungle Stories Winter 1948
Jungle 1948 winter 0004-5
Jungle 1948 winter 0009
Jungle 1948 winter 0015
Jungle 1948 winter 0021
Jungle 1948 winter 0061
Jungle 1948 winter 0071
Jungle 1948 winter 0087

He staked his lion strength, his mamba speed, against the jackal cunning of The Lost Beasts of Ta’Tamba!

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Kidnap Cargo

Wings093pg 01fc

Another blatant ripoff, this time of the original pulp magazine cover for Into The Sphinx’s Nest


Passionate Slasher and the Lover’s Lane Tryst!

Best True Fact Detective April 1948


Lair of the Swamp Beast

Jumbo Issue126 Year1949 thumbnail
JumboComics126p03-Sheena thumbnail
Jumbo Issue126 Year1949

This cover is interesting and all, but if you look at the first page of the story you can see they are burying the lead. This entire issue can be downloaded here

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