The Anatomy Of A Neighbor

Companion Books CB699 - The Anatomy Of A Neighbor (1971)

Even The Dog Joined Their Swap Group To Study

From the back:

It was the eternal suburban cycle. . . the men wanted to make more money and the women. . . well, they just wanted to be made. The problem was: what to do with oneself while hubby’s absent. One can be taken care of alone, of course, and one girl even found out why Rover is man’s best friend, but when they finally got their philandering organized, it was “All’s Well That Ball. Well!”


Marriage For Four

Marriage for Four, paperback cover, 1968 thumbnail
1968 Companion Book CB566 thumbnail
Marriage for Four, paperback cover, 1968
1968 Companion Book CB566

Violent Passions Shatter The Swap Scene!

I am not sure I want to know what is going on here.

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Sucked Into Sin

Companion Book #CB596 1968

Nancy And Rod Were The Stars Of The Swap Show!

From the back:

Nancy didn’t really want to cheat on Bob while he was in Germany…any more than he intended to make out with the fräuleins. But somehow they both let themselves be seduced, and a little infidelity went all the way to some wild swap club orgies!


The Bawdyguard

Nightstand Book #1898 1968 thumbnail
Nightstand Book NB1898 1968 thumbnail
Nightstand Book #1898 1968
Nightstand Book NB1898 1968

Kit Swung With A Vengeance At The Swinger’s Convention!

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Flesh Itinerary

1967 PR 135

Savage Lust Rites… Last Stop On A — Flesh Itinerary


Take Death For A Lover

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Pleasure Reader PR152 - Take Death For A Lover (1968)

She Lived A Nightmare Of Desire

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Lust For Kicks


When housewives get bored, they turn to — Lust For Kicks


Swap Nymph


If anyone ever tells you that the 60’s were a more innocent time, don’t you believe them.