Body Ransom

Spicy Detective November 1935 thumbnail
Spicy Detective Stories - November 1935 thumbnail
Spicy Detective November 1935
Spicy Detective Stories - November 1935

This is the “B” variant of this issue. The “A” variant is here.

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Intimate Affairs of a Sinful Model (Original Title: Immoral Models)

Croydon Books 107 1954

See also: Immoral Models


The Art Studio Murders (1964)


He Was An Artist — With Canvas And With Women. Then He Painted His Masterpiece — The Face Of His Own Killer!


Artist Colony

Playtime 610

Their “art” was an excuse to indulge themselves in lewd orgies!


The Love Toy

Novel Library #21 1949 thumbnail
1949 Novel Library 21 thumbnail
Novel Library #21 1949
1949 Novel Library 21

He Was A Painter Of Nudes — She Was A Runaway Wife. What Happened When Their Love Nest Was Raided?

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Passion Adonis


In This Health Salon Of Sin He Was The — Passion Adonis