Intimate Affairs of a Sinful Model (Original Title: Immoral Models)

Croydon Books 107 1954

See also: Immoral Models


The Art Studio Murders (1964)


He Was An Artist — With Canvas And With Women. Then He Painted His Masterpiece — The Face Of His Own Killer!


Artist Colony

Playtime 610

Their “art” was an excuse to indulge themselves in lewd orgies!


Passion Adonis


In This Health Salon Of Sin He Was The — Passion Adonis


The Twisted Ones (1963)

Beacon #B644F 1963

She believed the world was all bad — and refused to conform to its conventional ways

A story of strange love between beautiful women… so frankly told you will completely understand their desperate hungers!

From the back:

Can a real man tear a woman from the grip of lesbian love?

Peg Constantine inhabited the half-world of promiscuity in Greenwich Village. Repeatedly she sought the embraces of men — but only to prove to herself that the male sex was evil and weak. Only in the arms of a girl like Amy Willis could Peg reach soaring heights of bliss. But Alex Cormorant, while doing peg’s portrait, fell under her spell. Why not? She was beautiful, wanted nothing from him — and his wife, Adele, was trading her body to an art dealer for luxuries Alex could not afford to give her. So he tried mightily to pry Peg away from the unnatural life she found so alluring. The result was a sensuous tug-of-war that condemned Peg to anguish. Come what may, she would have to make a choice between the healthy joys of natural love and the sick delights of — The Twisted Ones!


High Beat

1962 Fabian #Z-152

It wouldn’t end when the final stroke was rendered; Elaine would see to that. Justin was hers — and someway, somehow, she’s make him realize it…


Life & Loves of a Modern Mister Bluebeard (Original Title: Ride The Nightmare)

Avon Books #190, 1949 thumbnail
Avon_190 thumbnail
Avon Books #190, 1949


Live With Me

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“I’m afraid I’m not what you’re looking for. I’m not versed in this sort of thing. I’d be a big disappointment to you.”

From the back:

To all outward appearances she was a lovely, normal and stunning woman, but she always gave me the feeling that she was sizing me up as a possible conquest. No one could explain the strange and curious desires that she had awakened in me. She was an artful woman who knew exactly what she wanted and knew how to go about it. Her will was able to control my body until my movements were not my own.