Painted Eyes Of Prophecy

Artists and Models Stories - July 1929

The third — and largely unknown — issue of a truly obscure pulp. Bookery’s lists the first two issues of this title as “very rare”, and makes no mention of this issue or any other beyond those.


Studio Affair

Beacon Books BB189 1951

What Price Must A Model Pay For Success?

A Novel Of Life Among The Easy Women And Unconventional Men Of A New York’s Seething Art Colony


Sin Gallery

Original Midnight Reader Paperback MR 430 1962

She Was A Model of Shame In This Infamous… Sin Gallery

From the back:

Hot Canvas…
was just another way of saying hot bed to Pete Carroll, for where painting a nude model left off, his arms and lips took over. But where his work with brush and paint was a phony, as he forged new works with old masters’ names, his work with an eager young body in his hands was the mark of a genius—the result of his labors a masterpiece. But that was until he met young Jill, the girl who was to help him bilk the suckers out of their fortunes for worthless art. For Jill had a technique of her own, and it involved a passion so intense it engulfed him..
Passion Partner!


Body Ransom

Spicy Detective November 1935 thumbnail
Spicy Detective Stories - November 1935 thumbnail
Spicy Detective November 1935
Spicy Detective Stories - November 1935

This is the “B” variant of this issue. The “A” variant is here.

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