Cry Flood!


Disaster Stripped Away Their Inhibitions

From the back:

Hurricanes Carol and Diana had slammed their mighty fists across the Delaware River valley and disaster was upon the land. The rushing, rising waters washed away homes, flooded out roads, and stranded thousands of people in trees and hilltops to await new terrors. Eleven such ‘people took refuge in Ed’s Diner which stood upon the highest spot of ground for miles around. One was a miser with a paper bag filled with money. One was a sexy, love-starved girl. Two were ruthless thugs hunting for loot. Others included a drunk, a coward, a young married couple…
CRY FLOOD! is a gripping, dynamic novel of what disaster and the fear of death does to people. Stripping the veneer of civilization from men and woman alike, the book brings out dramatically the raw passions and basic animal instincts that only a great natural catastrophe can produce.