Office Sinner / Blonde Hellcat

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Cameo Books Issue #368 1957 thumbnail
Cameo Books Issue #368 1957

This painting was published twice as a digest cover for Cameo books, first as Office Sinner by Gene Harvey (Cameo books #334, 1953):

The frank story of a young girl who works in an office… side by side with men 

and then again one year later as Blonde Hellcat by Arthur Marin (Cameo books #368, 1954):

She was ambitious, passionate and jealous – of her own mother

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The Case of the Cautious Coquette

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Pocket Books #1009, 1954

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Mademoiselle De Maupin / Adam and Two Eves

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Beacon B152, 1956 thumbnail
Beacon Books B152, 1956 thumbnail
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Beacon B152, 1956
Beacon Books B152, 1956

This painting was first published as half of the cover for Mademoiselle De Maupin by Theophile Gautier (1953)

A Rake’s Search for a Perfect Bed-Mate!

Its second publication, in its present state after minor alterations (the man coming from behind the curtain is gone), was for the novel, Adam and Two Eves by Anonymous (1956)

Unnatural Affection — Or Perverted Hate? The Young Widow Had to Choose Between Them…
A Novel That Speaks Out Boldly On A Taboo Subject

From the back:

In The Grip Of Perversity
Often whispered about—but rarely spoken of aloud—the startling theme of this story concerns Carroll, a pretty young widow. She is taken into the household of a friendly couple, only to find that her caresses are sought not only by the husband—but by his wife … Should warm, lovely Carroll be condemned for yielding both to the love of a married man, and the equally ardent embraces of a voluptuous though twisted woman? The answer is not simple. True, Carroll responds to their needs, yet it is a haunted, tortured experience . . . despite its warped delights, its moments of almost unearthly bliss. Perhaps she is more to be pitied than condemned. For the whole point of this bitterly true novel is that pretty Carroll is the seduced rather than the seducer—the sinned against, rather than the sinner … entirely too attractive for her own good.

Out of her own experience, the anonymous author tears the curtain from one of the gravest threats to modern social morality—the strange love practices trapping unwary girls today, particularly in our larger cities!

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Lust For Love / Pound Of Flesh / Love Peddler

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Beacon #BB141 1954 thumbnail
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Beacon #BB141 1954

This was her burning compulsion — to bestow rapture, and then pain!
She Gave Herself, But Not Her Soul!

There was nothing she wouldn’t do to sell — and nothing she wouldn’t sell!
A daring expose of how a girl can buy a career — and sell her soul!

Revenge Was His Passion — Girls His Prey
The Book That Dares To Tell The Truth About Sin For Sale!

This popular illustration was used on the cover of three different publications: Lust for Love (Intimate #16, 1952); then, altered to its present state, as Pound of Flesh (Intimate #45, 1952); and lastly, as Love Peddler (Beacon Books, #BB141, 1957).

It is amazing how much this painting was altered. In an age before Photoshop, that meant actually painting over it. Even the glass she is holding changes!

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Final Curtain / De Gouden Kus

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The blonde walked over to Liddell. “How will I ever be able to show you how grateful I am?” Liddel grinned at her. “We’ll think of something.”

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Aphrodite: Pagan Goddess Of Love

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Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite thumbnail
Avon Books 113 - Pierre Louys - Aphrodite

Life And Love In Pagan Greece

This story is included in The Collected Works of Pierre Louÿs

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Merry Christmas From Galaxy

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Throughout the 50’s Galaxy Science Fiction printed Christmas covers with a four-armed Santa, done by Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller


These Women

39318808-These_Women_Beacon_Books_640F_1963 thumbnail
39318806-She_Made_Her_Bed_Beacon_Books_B_324_1960 thumbnail
5058977923-john-burton-thompson-one-more-for-the-road-beacon-1960 thumbnail
Beacon #B-334 1960 thumbnail
15184299003-beacon-books-b425f-louis-richard-the-sex-pulse thumbnail
Beacon #B-334 1960

Each had her reasons for loving the same man…
A New And Daring Novel About Different Women

This cover is composed of bits of four other covers, namely She Made Her Bed,  One More For The RoadThe Resort, and The Sex Pulse.

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The Murder Of Ann Avery

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Psychoanalyst solves brutal slaying!

The cover art was “borrowed” twice.

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The Adventures Of Tara, Pirate Queen

Wonder Comics #16 1948 thumbnail
Wonder Comics #17 1948 thumbnail
Wonder Comics #18 thumbnail
Wonder Comics #19 1948 thumbnail
Wonder Comics #20  1948 Last issue thumbnail
Wonder Comics #16 1948
Wonder Comics #17 1948
Wonder Comics #18
Wonder Comics #19 1948
Wonder Comics #20  1948 Last issue

A number of these issues can be read and downloaded here

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Catspaw Ordeal / Tu vas mourir!

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Fall guy for murder, each second brought Danny closer to Death…

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King Of The Khyber Rifles / Sinful Virgin

39317969-King_of_the_Khyber_Rifles_-_Sinful_Virgin,_paperback_cover,_c._1954 thumbnail
Beacon B-105 (1954) thumbnail
39317971-Sinful_Virgin,_paperback_cover,_c._1954 thumbnail
Beacon B-105 (1954)

She ruled a wild empire — and a savage lust ruled her!

This illustration appeared on the cover of King of the Khyber Rifles in 1954, and a slightly altered version of the same scene was used for Sinful Virgin in 1961

Young — Fair — And Ripe For Anything!

The Daring Novel Of A Girl Too Seductive To Be Safe, Even From Her Own Flesh And Blood!

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The Body

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There was only one way a call girl could quit the racket — as a corpse — and the corpses were piling up…

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The Night Is For Screaming

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He was driven by vengeance — until he saw the woman

This cover art was reused for a German edition of Shock Treatment by James Hadley Chase. The Stark House double volume of The Cheaters and Dial ‘M’ for Man did not reused the artwork. It used the original reference photograph.

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