Go Down To Glory (Original Title: This Bright Summer)

Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket thumbnail
Dell D114 1952 Cover thumbnail
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Dell D114 1952 Dust Jacket
Dell D114 1952 Cover
Dell D114 1952 Back Cover

She knew the earthly hungers of lonely mountain men
They loved in the shadow of fear and evil

This paperback is the only Dell edition with a dust-jacket. The colorful dust-jacket art is by Griffith Foxley, the more abstract cover itself is by Walter Brooks.

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Dell Books 2E - Fredric Brown - Madball

Step right up, gentlemen — they’re all alive inside!

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Top Of The Heap (1954)


This book was reprinted with two McGinnis covers and more recently by Hard Case Crime.


The Spider Lily

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A woman more dangerous dead than alive

From the back:

On the record — Alec was innocent of murder, cleared by a jury, protected by the unwritten law that frees a man to kill the wife who betrays him.
Off the record — everyone though he was guilty as hell!

How could he shed the burden of guilt for a crime he didn’t commit? His only weapon was his strange genius for poker. He wielded it well — to win a stake, and outface a murderer.

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Gold For My Fair Lady

Dell D-111 (1952).  Cover by Griffith Foxley

Queen of the Australian wilderness — she bartered her love