Lords Of The Tideless Sea

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Golden Fleece Feb 1939

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Roman Holiday

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005-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p002-003
008-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p005
011-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p008
028-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p025
046-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p043
047-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p044
049-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p045
066-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p062
076-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p071
088-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p083
112-Golden Fleece v01n01 (1938-10) p107

Golden Fleece focused on historical fiction, rather than the the more popular Western or Weird or Romance or Spicy genres. Despite some first rate stories, it folded after only nine issues. 

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Dragon Moon

Weird Tales Pulp January 1941 thumbnail
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Weird Tales Pulp January 1941

Powerful Novelette of Drowned Atlantis

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Black Vulmea’s Vengeance

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Harold Delay Black Vulmea's Vengeance pulp prelim thumbnail
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Golden Fleece, November 1938
Harold Delay Black Vulmea's Vengeance pulp prelim
056-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00056-57
059-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00059
065-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00065
071-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00071
077-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00077
081-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00081
085-GF v01n02 (1938-11)00085

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