Jungle Heat (1960)

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Pyramid G495 1960

The electrifying love affair of a Malayan planter and a Hollywood actress — bold, passionate, uninhibited

From the back:

He ordered her out of his bedroom, but she wasn’t ready to go. Drunkenly she turned toward him and began to sway sinuously. The next thing she felt was his fist across her face — and then his arms pulling her to his body.

Eager for front-page publicity, Roxy Powell accepted a movie deal in a ravaged land ruled by a man she swore to hate. But in the heat of the jungle she came to him — and acknowledged the urgency of her desire.

Written by Robert Wade and Bill Miller, this book was originally published under the name Dale Wilmer. This printing appears under Wade & Miller’s more usual pseudonym of Wade Miller

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Congo Song (1958)


Alone In A Society Of Men In The African Congo, Olga LeBlanc Occupied Herself With Her Lovers, Her Gorilla And Her Own Good Looks

From the back:

This powerful story of jungle love throbs with the dark lusts of the African Congo—where a bored and tempestuous white woman has nothing to do but toy with the available men: A sadistic wild animal trainer, a tormented painter and her own husband’s fiercely jealous assistant. Yet reckless, French-bred Olga LeBlanc remains a woman unfulfilled—until the arrival of a virile young American brings into her lush tropical world a man capable of mastering her deepest desires.


Border Woman (Original Title: Mexican Gallop)

Lion 59 (March, 1951). First Printing. Cover Art by Harry Schaare

“Hands Off” — they said — “She’s Dynamite!”

From the back:

They met in a flaming rebellion — a married American newspaperman and a lusty Mexican soldier-woman. And while the entire nation was afire with terror and death, they loved with a passion that blazed hot as the war itself ! Here is an unforgettable story of action — banditry — lust !


Twilight Girls

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Gold Star Books, 1965

They paid a terrible price for their kind of love

From the back:

Nikki Carr always prided herself on being “well adjusted” to her lesbianism. Not for her was the man’s shirt and tie. She was as feminine as any girl had a right to be. And as one of the top television producers, she made it a rule never to mix business with pleasure — until Melissa Comstock came into her life. Sweet and innocent, Melissa worked in Nikki’s office and, to her, Nikki was every-thing a successful careerwoman should be. It was an easy step from adoration to love … And for Nikki it was the first step on the road to degradation and shame.