Walk Out Of Darkness

Monarch 376, 1963

The Compelling Story Of A Nurses Devotion And A Doctor’s Courage

Presumably unrelated to Walk In Darkness


High Pressure (Original Title: Full Fathom Five)


A Hard, Realistic Novel Of The Florida Coast

Bantam had a 1949 edition. Corgi’s 1958 edition is here


The Hangman’s Tree

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Bantam 853 1951

Moonlight… Magnolias… a Family Skeleton that meant Death!

This entire book can be read here


Back-Country Woman (Original Title: A Time To Sow)


He Brought Brutality to the Bridal Bed
She feared — then reveled in — his primitive love!


Drums of Empire

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The fire of revolution made them enemies… the flame of desire made them lovers.
A lusty, violent novel of 18th-Century Haiti, in revolt against Napoleon’s bloody rule

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By Appointment Only (1957)

Dell First Edition #B111, 1957

The powerful, revealing story of a dedicated physician, and the woman who destroyed his integrity


The Key Game

Monarch 237

It Was Like Playing Bingo With Another Man’s Wife As The Door Prize


Some Prefer Nettles


A brilliant novel about a man torn between wife, mistress… and an exotic courtesan


Jungle Heat (1960)

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Pyramid G495 1960

The electrifying love affair of a Malayan planter and a Hollywood actress — bold, passionate, uninhibited

From the back:

He ordered her out of his bedroom, but she wasn’t ready to go. Drunkenly she turned toward him and began to sway sinuously. The next thing she felt was his fist across her face — and then his arms pulling her to his body.

Eager for front-page publicity, Roxy Powell accepted a movie deal in a ravaged land ruled by a man she swore to hate. But in the heat of the jungle she came to him — and acknowledged the urgency of her desire.

Written by Robert Wade and Bill Miller, this book was originally published under the name Dale Wilmer. This printing appears under Wade & Miller’s more usual pseudonym of Wade Miller

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Congo Song (1958)


Alone In A Society Of Men In The African Congo, Olga LeBlanc Occupied Herself With Her Lovers, Her Gorilla And Her Own Good Looks

From the back:

This powerful story of jungle love throbs with the dark lusts of the African Congo—where a bored and tempestuous white woman has nothing to do but toy with the available men: A sadistic wild animal trainer, a tormented painter and her own husband’s fiercely jealous assistant. Yet reckless, French-bred Olga LeBlanc remains a woman unfulfilled—until the arrival of a virile young American brings into her lush tropical world a man capable of mastering her deepest desires.