Congo Song (1958)


Alone In A Society Of Men In The African Congo, Olga LeBlanc Occupied Herself With Her Lovers, Her Gorilla And Her Own Good Looks

From the back:

This powerful story of jungle love throbs with the dark lusts of the African Congo—where a bored and tempestuous white woman has nothing to do but toy with the available men: A sadistic wild animal trainer, a tormented painter and her own husband’s fiercely jealous assistant. Yet reckless, French-bred Olga LeBlanc remains a woman unfulfilled—until the arrival of a virile young American brings into her lush tropical world a man capable of mastering her deepest desires.


Border Woman (Original Title: Mexican Gallop)

Lion 59 (March, 1951). First Printing. Cover Art by Harry Schaare

“Hands Off” — they said — “She’s Dynamite!”

From the back:

They met in a flaming rebellion — a married American newspaperman and a lusty Mexican soldier-woman. And while the entire nation was afire with terror and death, they loved with a passion that blazed hot as the war itself ! Here is an unforgettable story of action — banditry — lust !


Twilight Girls

Gold Star IL7-73 1965

They paid a terrible price for their kind of love

From the back:

Nikki Carr always prided herself on being “well adjusted” to her lesbianism. Not for her was the man’s shirt and tie. She was as feminine as any girl had a right to be. And as one of the top television producers, she made it a rule never to mix business with pleasure — until Melissa Comstock came into her life. Sweet and innocent, Melissa worked in Nikki’s office and, to her, Nikki was every-thing a successful careerwoman should be. It was an easy step from adoration to love … And for Nikki it was the first step on the road to degradation and shame.


A Killer Among Us (Original Title: The Silver Forest)


Sensual, Tempting, Irresistible — Perfect Bait To Trap A Slayer

Originally published as The Silver Forest


How Sharp The Point

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He was caught in the violence of a revolution — and the embrace of a red-haired senorita…

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The Naked Sword (1959)


The splendor and cruelty of a bloody era in England’s history

Not related to this book of the same name


Dead In Bed

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Pyramid books, G448, 1959 thumbnail
Dead in Bed, paperback cover, 1959
Pyramid books, G448, 1959

A Hawaiian private eye — a 40 million dollar heiress — murder!

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