CARNIVAL #937 - 1955

The Shocking Story Of A Young Girl Who Hunted For Thrills!


The Long Night (1959)

Pyramid Books G461, 1959

His gang turned on him, the cops were his enemies — the powerful, grim story of a kid on the run in the Harlem jungle.


Runaway Girl

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A Shocking Story Of Wayward Teen-Agers
A story of today’s restless teen-age girls who seek thrills in the big cities

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Gang Girl (1961)

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Gang Girl, paperback cover, 1957

The Clubhouse Was Her Bridal Suite
The Novel Of A Child… With The Desires Of A Woman

Not related to either this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or the Gang Girls, or the All Girl Gang or the All-Girl Ching Dao Jewel Gang or or Gang Girl — Lust-Cats of the Gutters or the Gang Moll

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Girl Gangs!

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Women In Crime February 1949 thumbnail
Women In Crime March 1951
Women In Crime February 1949

Our Greatest Menace! — Our Bitter Tragedy! — The Newest Wrinkle In Juvenile Crime!

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Pyramid F-866

Terror in the streets — a kid gang turns on its fallen leader


Tenement Girl (Original Title: Cellar Club Girl)

Croyden_94 1955

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope