Cellar Club Girl

Croydon Original Novel Digest #40 1953

A Story Of Neglected Youth Driven to Cellar Clubs and Dope

Later retitled Tenement Girl


Nympho JD’s Hayloft Terror

Man's DARING May 1963

Also featuring “TNT” Tucker’s Naked Joy Girl Guerilla War Against The Nazi Torturers and Deepfreeze Virgins Of The White Hell


End of a J.D.


A love in a leather jacket, a slum-kid with a switch-blade — and all mixed up with the wrongest woman in town


Rapture Alley

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The Shocking Story Of A Girl Who Took The Road To Dope Addiction
The Candid Story Of A Girl Who Lived Recklessly On Forbidden Thrills

From the back:

Rapture For A Moment, Hell For A Lifetime . . .
Dope is no road to ecstasy, no matter what they say. It’s for defeated people . . . like Lora. Bitter, lonely people . . . like Lora. People who are tortured by forbidden love, who are in other people’s lives, who are at the end of their string, morally and emotionally . . . like Lora.
So Lora Took The Turn Into Rapture Alley . . . And Found It’s A Dead-End Street!
Swept along by a tide she could not buck, a fever of love she could not down, Lora was almost lost forever in the whirlpools of dope and degradation . . . until one little twist of fate showed her what she was in for. . . and why it was worthwhile to fight her way back.

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The Beat Boys

Ace Bks H262 1959

America’s Teen-Age Jungle And A Searing Story Of Youth In Search Of ‘Kicks’

From the back:

Against a background of fast-drinking, drug addiction, wild jazz and all-night parties, the young people of today who make up the Beat Generation carry on their desperate search for a meaning to their lives—a search for identity, experience and love. The Beats may be found pursuing their restless quest in every big American city. Here is the world of the Beat Generation—a world of dingy back-stairs, be-bop joints, night-long wanderings, meetings on street corners, hitch-hiking, and ‘hip’ bars.



CARNIVAL #937 - 1955

The Shocking Story Of A Young Girl Who Hunted For Thrills!


The Long Night (1959)

Pyramid Books G461, 1959

His gang turned on him, the cops were his enemies — the powerful, grim story of a kid on the run in the Harlem jungle.


Runaway Girl

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A Shocking Story Of Wayward Teen-Agers
A story of today’s restless teen-age girls who seek thrills in the big cities

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Gang Girl (1961)

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Gang Girl, paperback cover, 1957

The Clubhouse Was Her Bridal Suite
The Novel Of A Child… With The Desires Of A Woman

Not related to either this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or this Gang Girl or the Gang Girls, or the All Girl Gang or the All-Girl Ching Dao Jewel Gang or or Gang Girl — Lust-Cats of the Gutters or the Gang Moll

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