The Secret Of Marracot Deep

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Fantastic - July 1957
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Hell’s Creatures Come Out Of The Sea

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He Fell Among Thieves

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Fantastic Adventures, March 1952

When This Martian Crashed The Iron Curtain… — He Fell Among Thieves

Oddly, this cover is credited to both Leo Summers and Ed Valigursky.

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The Jack Of Planets

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Fantastic Adventures, April 1952 thumbnail
Fantastic Adventures, April 1952

When the Martian led with the three of Saturn Lee countered with The Jack Of Planets

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The Opal Necklace


Old and Busted: Snakes for hair. New Hotness: Nude women for hair


The Soul Snatchers

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Fantastic Adventures May 1952

Cold fingers reached into his brain. Was he to be a victim of The Soul Snatchers

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