How These Cuban Hell-Cats Scare Fidel Castro’s Gang!

MANS PERIL September 1964 6-12

Also featuring Confessions of A Super Mata Hari, Hong Kong’s Shocking Brothels Of Blind Child Prostitutes, and Have G-String , Will Strip In Your Home!

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Virgin Sex Slaves Of Arabia’s Whip-Mad Sheik

Man's Peril November 1964 thumbnail
Man’s Peril, Nov 1964 thumbnail
Man's Peril November 1964
Man’s Peril, Nov 1964

Also, Share Your Girlfriend: Newest Fad Of Suburbia’s Thrill Set

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Man-Eating Cougars Wanted Our Flesh!


Also featuring Nympho Queens Who Rule The Dreaded Mafia, Bizarre Sex Kicks of those Jet Set He-Men, Kill-Crazy Captain Of Company C, and I Battled The Blood-Hungry Hell-Cultists