Brute in Brass

Gold Medal 595 1956

His Past Was A Catalogue Of Violence, A Tough, Brutal Cop — Until He Fell In Love


End of a J.D.


A love in a leather jacket, a slum-kid with a switch-blade — and all mixed up with the wrongest woman in town


Falcons of Narabedla (1972)

Mitchell Hooks Falcons of Narabedla thumbnail
Ace 22576 1972 thumbnail
Mitchell Hooks Falcons of Narabedla
Ace 22576 1972

They came in scores, darkening the sky, an army of death

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That’s Where The Cat’s At, Baby


Troubleshooter Richard Spade — Superspade — finds that back alley politics makes for strange bedfellows and deadly enemies




Fiery and French… she began in innocence, and ended as a sultan’s favorite concubine

From the back:

In the sultan’s harem, power was a blood-stained scimitar, love was the whim of a barbarian… and its ways prescribed by his Academy of Love. An empire’s most beautiful women had studied there. But none learned their lessons quite as well as the French girl named Aimée Dubuc




The private life of a big-city department store


Down There

Gold Medal #623 1956 thumbnail
Gold Medal Book #623 1956 thumbnail
Gold Medal #623 1956
Gold Medal Book #623 1956

From the great concert halls of the world — he descended the stairway to hell

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