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Beacon B822X 1961 thumbnail
Beacon B822X 1961

If You Dare — Share The Excitement Of These Couples Trapped In A Cozy Motel — Isolated By Storm, By Seduction, And By Their Own Utter Lack Of Morality!

From the back:

It was one of those motels so common along the turnpike, but it had its special features. Pretty Vinnie, for instance, who attracted men like Joe Stacy more than their wives did. Naturally he stopped by often. So did couples like Jane and Bruce, both married — but not to each other. On the night the blizzard burst over the highway, all were marooned — and the isolation killed inhibition. A pair of travelers, Virginia and Sally, found themselves sharing a single bed. Lydia Lane was ready to spend the night with anyone. Even Barbara, Joe’s beautiful wife, showed up — with another man.

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Beacon Books B591F, 1963
Beacon Books B591F, 1963 Back

There Were No Lengths To Which This Woman Would Not Go To Keep This Boy In Her Arms!
Jack had heard about women like her. He knew now that the call to fix her car was an excuse. He stood there just a few feet away, drinking in her golden loveliness, and his better judgment was no match for the burning desire she so deliberately lit in him…

From the back:

Her Husband Couldn’t Satisfy Her. Maybe This Boy Could!
Babs Duncan rose from her sunbathing, flaunting her woman’s body sensuously before him. He couldn’t be more than eighteen. His hard, garage-mechanic’s body lit fires deep within her. Jack had heard about women like her. He knew now that the call to fix her car was an excuse. He stood there, just a few feet away from her, drinking in the golden glow of loveliness from the top of her flowing, flame-colored hair…down ..down…to the tip of her lacquered toenails.
He knew he should get out but his judgment was no match for the fire of desire she lit in him. Before long this eighteen-year-old boy was her slave, addicted to strange lusts that only her greater experience could satisfy. She made him her puppet of passion. There were no lengths to which this woman would not go to keep this boy in her bed — and that included divorcing her rich husband.
What Kind Of Woman Seeks Out Young Men Or Boys For Satisfaction Her Own Husband Can’t Give Her? This Book Gives A Fearlessly Frank And Honest New Insight Into A Social Problem More Common Today Than Is Generally Realized.

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The Naked and the Fair

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1958 Beacon B183
Beacon #B183 1958

She Bared Her Body — And Stripped Her Soul!

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Girls’ Dormitory (1958)

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Beacon B191 1958 thumbnail
Beacon B191 1958

A scathing attack on the evils of off-campus housing — and the co-eds obliged to live in dangerous proximity.

A different book from this one of the same name.

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Love Thief / Traded Wives

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Softcover Library #SCS95157

The Shattering Novel Of A Nymphomaniac … A woman on the loose!

You’ve wondered about this kind of woman… the pig-farm girl who became a glamorous actress by having a special talent… for using men — and sex!

The men were panting for hot, new thrills. The women gleefully arranged to be switched and swapped…

From the back of Traded Wives:

Sex, anyone?

These swapping couples become entangled in each other’s beds by strange mischance. The husbands think they are responsible. But their wives are the guilty ones, really…

CHERYL, unsatisfied by her legal mate, longs to be raped by another man — and gets her wish.

BARBARA LEE tries two husbands, neither her own, before finding the right private tutor in au naturel studies.

DEBBIE and her husband agree on a new code; Other people’s spouses are more fun.

There is also APRIL, ripe for anybody — including the TV repairman.

Take these wives — and their husbands — and roll the dice. For wife-swapping is the new vogue these days! This unblushingly frank novel gives you all the spicy details and weird, twisted rules.

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Fast Girl


Her Kisses Seared — Her Caresses Scorched!
Maggie Went From Car-Hop To Mistress… From Poverty To Luxury… From Man To Man!


From Other Women


From highschool, where she tries it just for kicks, to the glittering world of high fashion, Madeline learns the mysteries of sex — From Other Women

Ride a tortured merry-go-round with this passionate Lesbian who jumped on young and is too frightened to climb off!

This art was flipped from the cover for Warped


Half Girl, Half Woman


Her voluptuous figure told men she was… Half Girl, Half Woman
At seventeen, Sylvia was more than a girl… she was a woman on the prowl
A Taught Novel Of Adolescence and Indiscretion



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Beacon B280 1955 thumbnail
Beacon B280 1955

The story of a strange and terrible triangle — two tormented sisters, and the woman they both desired!

From the back:

Wild, wanton, slave to sensation – that was redheaded Diana, whose burning body drew men the way flame draws moths. But each new lover only fanned higher the terrible passions which tormented her, and which, unless slaked, would some day consume her.

Then she met the lush and lovely dancer, Fern Mar, a girl as bewitching as she was depraved. It was in Fern’s arms that Diana, at last, found her equal in the arts of love…

It was then that young Gwen, betrayed by the urges of her glorious flesh, fled from the disgrace of on unwholesome campus weekend. She look refuge with Diana, the sister she hardly knew. Gwen’s hope was to find comfort in her sister’s love — but instead found it in the embraces of her sister’s twisted lover…!

This Bold Book Comes To Grips With A Major Social Problem: Passion-Ridden Women Damned By Their Own Desires

This cover art was later flipped for From Other Women

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Beacon Books B216, 1959 thumbnail
Beacon Books B216, 1959

Too reckless with her charms — too lavish with her love…

A chronicle of spent caresses — of ravaged youth — of a girl abused beyond redemption…!

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