Up To Her Neck

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There Was Only One Way Out For Shirley

From the back:

When she made an amorous tryst with her handsome young boss at his secluded country estate, pretty Shirley Grey didn’t know he had just slaughtered a man in cold blood.But when he turned her over to sadistic Willard Keep and corrupt Vicky Darracott — plus a man with a whip — Shirley realized she, too, was marked for evil. And when she escaped with Jason, a daredevil adventurer up to his neck in international espionage, Shirley knew she had gone too far –and it was too late to turn back!

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The Girl in the Black Chemise


She Was Sweet, Silky… And Dangerous
A Frank Novel Of Fallen Angels — And The Men Who Prey Upon Them

From the back:

Is Three A Crowd?

The Girl in the black chemise, Iris, was not housewife material. She was a woman of the twilight. Besides, she was convinced that Tom Grant still loved the utterly beautiful, utterly alluring, utterly wicked Bertha, to whom he had been wed many years.

So Iris let Tom love her, love her all he wanted to. But she refused to marry him. Inevitably, Tom sought solace in the arms of other twilight women; a step which proved fatal. For it threw him once again into the company of his irresistible ex wife. By all indications, Bertha again was making him her love slave… 

But Iris, Iris of the black chemise, suddenly decided to fight for her man and rejoined the fray. Her charms, already too much for Tom, proved just as devastating to Bertha!

This entire book can be downloaded here


The Girl In The Spike-Heeled Shoes (1954)

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All the Boys Had Maybelle’s Number

From the back:

She’d Show Them!
When Maybelle Reardon came to Kenyon High that morning the boys looked at her queerly and the other girls ignored her completely. She knew then that Dennis Morrisey had told.
But what had happened in her room yesterday had been Dennis’ fault. How could they blame her? All right, she decided angrily. The next time it would be her own fault. She’d give this town something to really talk about!

Popular Library also had a 1950 edition