Rock ‘N Roll Gal

Beacon B-379 (1961). Cover  Art by Owen Kampen

Some Gals Will Do Anything For Kicks!
The Sizzling World Of Real Gone Guys — And Dolls On Dope!

From the back:

Her Body Was Blonde — Her Heart Black

Skin as tempting as hers, figured Lindsay Hayes, could get her anything she wanted — and she was right. The boys fell all over themselves to trade favors for her hot, delicious love. Soon she had prostituted herself to the top in the crazy world of rock ‘n roll! But on the way she acquired rivals like pretty Billy Mitchell, with the baby fat still on her. Like redheaded Vivian Blaine, who thrived on desire and dope. Each desperately needed Johnny McCoy, the wild young maestro . . . each fought for him with the secret weapon every girl uses best . . .

It looked like a picnic for Johnny and his harem of hep-kittens. Until Lindsay, drunk on rock ‘n roll, schemed to break his heart — and his golden horn!

A Flaming Novel Of Genius At Bay And Reckless Youth Corroded By Temptation…!


East Side General

Perma #P218 PB 1953

A gripping, powerful drama of the men in white and the women they love

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Lust For Love / Pound Of Flesh / Love Peddler

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Beacon #BB141 1954 thumbnail
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Beacon #BB141 1954

This was her burning compulsion — to bestow rapture, and then pain!
She Gave Herself, But Not Her Soul!

There was nothing she wouldn’t do to sell — and nothing she wouldn’t sell!
A daring expose of how a girl can buy a career — and sell her soul!

Revenge Was His Passion — Girls His Prey
The Book That Dares To Tell The Truth About Sin For Sale!

This popular illustration was used on the cover of three different publications: Lust for Love (Intimate #16, 1952); then, altered to its present state, as Pound of Flesh (Intimate #45, 1952); and lastly, as Love Peddler (Beacon Books, #BB141, 1957).

It is amazing how much this painting was altered. In an age before Photoshop, that meant actually painting over it. Even the glass she is holding changes!

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La Signora


The Frank, Sensational Italian Novel Of A Fallen Woman


Murder Inc.

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The most shocking book of our time — the true story of The Syndicate, masterminds of extortion, murder and vice. Incredible — Brutal — Vicious

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The Wire (Original Title: The Pillar)


The torture of the damned or the peace of the dead — that was their only choice

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Too Fast We Live

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Lust, Violence And Greed In The Deep South

From the back

She Could Break Any Man

Andy Douglas knew Bradley, the Florida fruit baron, would stop at nothing to gain control of his orange grove. So when Bradley’s daughter Marcia made a play for him, Andy resisted.

But Marcia was a woman who knew how to break a man — completely. And when she asked Andy to take her to a Miami luxury hotel, he could give only one answer — even if it meant losing everything he cared about.


You Belong To Me

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Lonesome For Love — Ripe For Trouble

From the back:

She Had The Experience

It was a hot summer’s night, and his wife was away, when Carl Morrison met Lili, the hardened ex-actress who offered to show him the town — from the jazz cellars of Harlem to her own sordid apartment.

Carl thought one night’s revelry wouldn’t threaten his marriage or job. Too late he found out what can happen to a man who goes too far in his search for amorous adventure.