Slave Ship

Beacon Books 'Slave Ship', B217 1952

A Cargo Of Flesh Was At Their Mercy!
An Impassioned Saga Of Bloodlust — Unholy Desire — Black, Maniacal Revelry… And Hell’s Own Vengeance Wrought By A Tortured Woman!

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Party Wives

Beacon Books B452F 1961

They traded themselves for their husbands’ success
“… join the Club, Nora, the most exclusive in the world–a select group of lovely young wives who want to get ahead badly enough to — sleep in any bed!”
A Shocking Novel Of Women With Never Enough Money Or Morals —

This entire book can be downloaded here

Naked Acre (Original Title: The Wing And The Yoke)


Bitter Yearnings on a Lonely Farm



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Gold Metal 558 1956 thumbnail
Gold Metal 558 1956

The Strangest Adventure You Will Ever Read

From the back:

I’m thirty-four. I’m a college professor. I was fired because a girl was found in my room. Honest, she was only taking a shower. She had a million dollars and she waved them under my nose — all this and the lady, too. But I wouldn’t be bought, so I got out pronto.
I found a job as bodyguard to a rich old refugee who was in deadly fear of being murdered. His young wife was a gal who would never let a man’s blood cool. Then his adopted daughter decided I was her meat, too. What a spot for one guy to be in. Envy me? Don’t. When the old man did get bumped off, who was the fall guy they tried to pin it on? Me, of course. What could I do? What would you have done? Let me know, won’t you?

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The Girl From Easy Street (1955)

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They Said She Was Jailbait

From the back:

Betty Jane Allen was a pretty high school girl, who scandalized a small town …
Betty Hamill was a hoodlum’s moll, looking for thrills and a fast dollar…
Mrs. Chalice was in business and her phone number was for men only…
Mrs. Lance Peru was a Park Avenue beauty, available to the Vice Syndicate’s murder squad …
But they all were the same girl. A girl looking for Easy Street, but lost on a one-way road to ruin.


Rock ‘N Roll Gal

Beacon B-379 (1961). Cover  Art by Owen Kampen

Some Gals Will Do Anything For Kicks!
The Sizzling World Of Real Gone Guys — And Dolls On Dope!

Cover reused from Secrets of a Co-Ed

From the back:

Her Body Was Blonde — Her Heart Black

Skin as tempting as hers, figured Lindsay Hayes, could get her anything she wanted — and she was right. The boys fell all over themselves to trade favors for her hot, delicious love. Soon she had prostituted herself to the top in the crazy world of rock ‘n roll! But on the way she acquired rivals like pretty Billy Mitchell, with the baby fat still on her. Like redheaded Vivian Blaine, who thrived on desire and dope. Each desperately needed Johnny McCoy, the wild young maestro . . . each fought for him with the secret weapon every girl uses best . . .

It looked like a picnic for Johnny and his harem of hep-kittens. Until Lindsay, drunk on rock ‘n roll, schemed to break his heart — and his golden horn!

A Flaming Novel Of Genius At Bay And Reckless Youth Corroded By Temptation…!


East Side General

Perma #P218 PB 1953

A gripping, powerful drama of the men in white and the women they love

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Lust For Love / Pound Of Flesh / Love Peddler

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Beacon #BB141 1954

This was her burning compulsion — to bestow rapture, and then pain!
She Gave Herself, But Not Her Soul!

There was nothing she wouldn’t do to sell — and nothing she wouldn’t sell!
A daring expose of how a girl can buy a career — and sell her soul!

Revenge Was His Passion — Girls His Prey
The Book That Dares To Tell The Truth About Sin For Sale!

This popular illustration was used on the cover of three different publications: Lust for Love (Intimate #16, 1952); then, altered to its present state, as Pound of Flesh (Intimate #45, 1952); and lastly, as Love Peddler (Beacon Books, #BB141, 1957).

It is amazing how much this painting was altered. In an age before Photoshop, that meant actually painting over it. Even the glass she is holding changes!

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The Closest Kin There Is


Their Love Made Them Outcasts
The author’s treatment of one of our strongest taboos is a triumph of unflinching delicacy

I don’t have an incest tag, and I don’t want to make one now, but yes, they are siblings.


The Deadly Reasons

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They loved beyond the law — and died for it!

Cover art reused from Martha Crane

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Blondes Are My Trouble (Original Title: The Darker Traffic)

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A Call Girl Dates A Wrong Number

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Cry The Lonely Flesh (Original Title: Spindrift)


Judy Was A Good Girl — To Stay Away From