Up To Her Neck

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There Was Only One Way Out For Shirley

From the back:

When she made an amorous tryst with her handsome young boss at his secluded country estate, pretty Shirley Grey didn’t know he had just slaughtered a man in cold blood.But when he turned her over to sadistic Willard Keep and corrupt Vicky Darracott — plus a man with a whip — Shirley realized she, too, was marked for evil. And when she escaped with Jason, a daredevil adventurer up to his neck in international espionage, Shirley knew she had gone too far –and it was too late to turn back!

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2 thoughts on “Up To Her Neck”

  1. What is she hiding under her dress?! The only way out for Shirley appears to be to tell the Merman that she too is a much better man than he! But I love it how the artist has ensured we get a glimpse of petticoat despite there being no leg movement to show such a glimpse

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