Quarry’s Blood

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Quarry's Blood cover, Hard Case Crime

Did She Want To Hire Him, Expose Him, Or Spill… Quarry’s Blood

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The Ever-Loving Blues


It was an itsy-bitsy white polka-dot bikini. She was a beautiful brunette, curvy, kissable, cuddly. Too bad they had come together – in death.


Her Own Kind


Did She Go To Bed With Anyone, Or Only With — Her Own Kind
A Violent Story Of A Girl And Her Perverted Passion


Lament For A Lousy Lover (1967)

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Lament for a Lousy Lover - illus Ron Lesser

Al Wheeler, tough L.A. cop, and Mavis Seidlitz, sensational blonde private eye, meet head-on in a free-for-all bout of mischief and murder!


South of The Bordello (1973)

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Belmont Tower BT50582
Belmont Tower Books BT50582

World’s Sexiest Spy Goes Down To Mexico And Upends A Nest Of Zombies, A Brothel Of Beauties And An Orgy Of “Terroristas”, All Out For A Hot Time

This entire book can be read online here
From the back:

Eve Drum is the Lady From L.U.S.T. And when the Lady goes down to Mexico it’s to infiltrate the weirdest gang of drug-popping terroristas ever bought by Red Chinese gold. Known as the Walking Dead and led by a sinister, sex-crazed Cuban, El Aparecido, their aim is to alter Uncle Sam’s image from World Leader to Dirty Old Man. Eve’s job is to stop them any way she can, and she loves doing it in a merry, murderous caper from Tijuana brothels to the final blowout in the Zombie HQ. It’s a Mexican madness, and as usual, Eve uses all she’s got to take it from the top—and, man, what a way to go!


The Shell Scott Sampler

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Ron Lesser The Swinging Niece
Guy magazine October 1970

Artwork also used for the cover of Guy magazine, October 1970, The Swinging Niece

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Ranch Romances February 1966

Also featuring The Quick And The Dead, Hell’s Belle, and Terror Trail. Cover looks like Robert McGinnis or Ron Lesser, but I can’t prove it.

UPDATE: Ron Lesser has claimed this cover as his own.


Beat Not The Bones (1966)

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Beat Not the Bones, paperback cover, 1966
Avon, 1966

Terror, suspense, alone in the jungle


The Love Lush (Original Title: Bachelors Anonymous)

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His life was a lost weekend — of women

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Award Books A427X 1969

A hilarious plunge into the outer limits of electronic espionage with a “living doll” who makes sex the ultimate weapon…

From the back:

S.H.E.I.L.A. — Simulated-Human, Electronically Implemented Lady Agent—stepped forth one memorable day from the scientific laboratories of I.N.I.T.I.A.L.S. She was created to fight for justice in a world too long threatened by evil. Two of her prime targets: The chopper-riding, leather-jacketed agents of M.O.T.H.E.R. and the insidious, obscene warriors of F.A.T.H.E.R. who had infiltrated the government and now enjoyed its protection. To any other female agent, the obstacles would have been overwhelming. But Sheila was equipped to battle the most dastardly foe. Her razor-sharp mind was matched only by her razor-sharp fingertips; the penetrating gaze of her eyes was rivaled only by the paralyzing rays of her navel. Sheila was invincible, until she clashed with Number One—who had earned his rank by trying even harder! And who almost stripped Sheila of (among other things!) her hard-won title of SUPERDOLL!


Final Curtain / De Gouden Kus

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The blonde walked over to Liddell. “How will I ever be able to show you how grateful I am?” Liddel grinned at her. “We’ll think of something.”

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Johnny Come Lately

Dell 4243 _ Ron Lesser

She was just a country girl — but she knew how to use her assets


Esprit De Corpse

Dell Books 2409 - Frank Kane - Esprit de Corpse

“I think I just signed my own death warrant,” Liddell told her. “Am I entitled to a last wish?”