Strippers Auction

July 1949 Beauty Parade thumbnail
Beauty Parade July 1949 thumbnail
Beauty Parade August 1955 thumbnail
July 1949 Beauty Parade
Beauty Parade July 1949
Beauty Parade August 1955

Also, Kissing Around The World. This cover was reused for the August 1955 issue, Quick Strip To Paris

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Too Many Lovers Are Dynamite

Expose Detective 1942 thumbnail
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Expose Detective 1942

Also featuring Sex Schemer’s Slaying and Dressed for Killing

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Blonde Alibi


Also, Trapping The Phantom Ghoul


Tom’s Temptations

Broadway Novel #4-PB Digest-1949 thumbnail
Broadway Novel Monthly 4 - 1949 thumbnail
Broadway Novel #4-PB Digest-1949
Broadway Novel Monthly 4 - 1949

How Did This Man Suddenly Become An Irresistible Lover?

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I Was Taken For A Ride By A Sex-Crazed Kidnapper!

Headline Detective




I love the look on the face of woman looking in the window. She is obviously turned on.


The Regenerate Lover (Original Title: Young and Healthy)


The Private Life of a Restless Young Man

From the back: Young, Healthy — and Virile

Dick Raynor was a hellion with the girls. This handsome New England chap had time, money – and the youth to go with them. You’ll enjoy Donald Henderson Clarke’s swift-paced story of how a headstrong son of a staid family sowed his wild oats as no son of that family had ever sowed them before.


The Virgin Of Montmarte / Five Ways To Get A Date

Flirt magazine cover, December 1949 thumbnail
Flirt December 1949 thumbnail
Flirt April 1955 thumbnail
6127816 thumbnail
Flirt magazine cover, December 1949
Flirt December 1949
Flirt April 1955

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The Corpse and the 3 Ex-Husbands


The cover is by famed pin-up artist Peter Driben


De Pekelzonde


The Peter Driben artwork was most likely stolen for this Dutch cover