Pigeons From Hell


This may be the cover least related to the story I have ever seen. Rather than being a sword-and-sorcery slash-fest, Pigeons from Hell is one of several regional horror stories by Howard set in the piney woods in or near the Ark-La-Tex region of the Deep South. It centers on a seemingly abandoned plantation and the legacy of terror the former slave-masters inflicted.
You can read the whole thing here.


Trails In Darkness

Trails in Darkness, paperback cover, 1996 thumbnail
Trails in Darkness, 1996 thumbnail
Trails in Darkness, paperback cover, 1996
Trails in Darkness, 1996

This scene sort of looks like it is from Howard’s 1935 story Moon of Zambebwei (aka The Grisly Horror



Ken Kelly Skull Face Paperback Novel Cover Painting thumbnail
Skull-Face fold-out thumbnail
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Ken Kelly Skull Face Paperback Novel Cover Painting
Skull-Face fold-out

Skull-Face originally ran as a three-part serial in Weird Tales in 1929…. 

Robert E. Howard clearly took his inspiration from the Fu Manchu books, but went far beyond that model to create a villain that could eat old Fu for breakfast. The guy with the skull-like face is first believed to be some sort of Chinese crime lord, then an ancient Egyptian, and finally a master sorcerer who should have gone down with Atlantis. He’s a guy who would have made a fine nemesis for Conan.

This story is in the public domain, and the full text is available here. Of course, it is one of the most racist stories I have ever read, but there it is.

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