Witch on Wheels

UniBook No. 66 1953

The Intimate Secrets Of A Gambling Woman!
A Powerful Expose Of The Gambling Underworld And Of The Frenzied People Who Live In It!
She’d do anything for money — ANYTHING!

Later republished by Beacon


Gonzagas Woman


She was beautiful — bad — willing — But she was — Gonzagas Woman
You just don’t mess around with a Vice-King’s doll – or do you?

Cover art was also used for The Other Stranger. The 1953 edition is here.


Shack Woman

Intimate Novel 34 1953

The Story Of A Girl And Her Disgrace
Her lover was a brute — her husband was a drunkard — her friends were the dregs of the town!


Hitch-Hike Hussy


Anyone Could Pick Up Sunny!
The Powerful Story Of A Roadside Renegade Who’d Go Wherever You Wanted, And As Far As You Liked—

Cover art reworked from 1954’s Walk In Darkness


Hill Hellion! / Brutal Kisses

Brutal Kisses, paperback cover, 1952 thumbnail
Beacon Books B177 1958 thumbnail
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Brutal Kisses Uni Books, 1952 thumbnail
Brutal Kisses, paperback cover, 1952
Beacon Books B177 1958
Brutal Kisses Uni Books, 1952

Some Girls Are Bad — She Was Worse
The Unblushing Tale Of A Backwoods Belle — Betrayed By Her Own Body!

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Mountain Woman (Original Title: I’ll Walk To The Mountain)

Mountain Woman, paperback cover, 1953 thumbnail
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9223584274_754e97a9cf_k thumbnail
Mountain Woman, paperback cover, 1953

The Story Of A Sophisticated City Siren Who Turned… Mountain Woman
She fled to the hills to find a new breed of man… and love!

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The Other Stranger

20962268256_3ccc280df8_o thumbnail
25269717788-beacon-books-b193-daoma-winston-the-other-stranger thumbnail

The Poignant Story Of Ellen — A Girl Used — Bruised — Abused!
They carried her into the hidden valley — and held her prisoner of their fanatic desires…

Also published as a double novel with Adam and Two Eves


Female Convict (1952/1956)

Pyramid Book #58 1952 thumbnail
27922700110_59b0795eed_o thumbnail
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire thumbnail
Pyramid Book #58 1952
Pyramid 191 (1956). Cover Art by Robert Maguire

The Inside Story of a Woman’s Prison

Nice, but not as good as Maguire’s 1960 cover.

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Rooming House

Beacon #B103 1954

Too Many Men Knew Her Too Well

Strange evils took root in that fetid house

Not related to this book of the same name


Hill Billy In High Heels

Uni-Book 65 Universal, 1953 thumbnail
9220809635_88d57209de_k thumbnail
39550722-6932279231_088d37b82e_o1 thumbnail
Uni-Book 65 Universal, 1953

She was sixteen… and true to the code of the hills… ripe for love!
Passion runs rampant in the land of shotgun weddings

Cover art was later reused for Call Her Wanton

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