Desire Under The Palms

Kozy Books 1960

… he couldn’t satisfy two passionate women at the same time


Bed and Board

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Kozy K172
Kozy Book #172 1962

… the two girls abandoned… caressed… and gestered…

What does that even mean?! And why so many ellipses?!

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The Flying Saucer Gambit — Agent of T.E.R.R.A. #1

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1966 Ace #G-605
Ace #G-605, 1966


Strip Alley

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Kozy Book K180, 1963

A community… where men seek what is forbidden — and seldom fail…

From the back:

She began wriggling, fish-like on the bed. “Hurry and get me out of this thing before suffocate,” she said.
Kenyon grinned and moved next to her on the bed. Maybe he’d have another week or two of it, perhaps he could even prolong it after that, but things were beginning to move for him.
He sighed at the lushness of June’s small body and gave himself over to desire as he felt her hands plunging at him, searching and probing. Giving her up would be hell, but he was going to take a lot of memories with him.

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