Co-Ed With Class / Out For Kicks

Midwood Books 34-709, 1966

Two Exciting Stories About Young Women & The School Days They Would Never Forget


Campus Scandal


Eileen wanted a love affair with an older man…
He was an instructor. She was a sensual, teasing co-ed. Their relationship threatened to blow the lid off Horton College — then one night it did!


Tower of Desire

Tower of Desire 1967

On the surface he was the perfect all-American boy. But beneath lurked dark and unnatural urges that were soon to explode


The College Pro

Brandon House 912 1965

He Looked At All The Young Girls On Campus… Girls Eager To Learn About Love — And He Knew He Had It Made!

Cover was later reused for The Athletic Coach


Girls’ School

Beacon B820X 1965 thumbnail
Beacon Books S75111 - Jay Vincent - Girls' School (back) thumbnail
Beacon B820X 1965
Beacon Books S75111 - Jay Vincent - Girls' School (back)

From boarding school to bawdy school in one easy lesson!
The Daring Novel About A Bordello Queen Who Sets Up Shop In A Girl’s Academy

From the back:

When Teachers Pet 
To the eye, it was an innocent girls’ school. But the “head mistress” was a good-looking madam whose “students” included the gayest, wackiest, wittiest and wickedest call-girls ever to gladden a reprobate’s heart.
Every red-blooded man in the county was attending classes and acquiring a liberal education from the girls But then the pair of maiden aunts who owned the place — and had no idea of what was going on — decided to visit. With them they brought their young nephew.
Madam Angie and her “schoolgirls” somehow had to deceive the aunts. This they attempted with the aid of assorted customers and a bawdy schoolmaster. The resulting scramble was racier than a French farce and more earthy than a burlesque show. The aunts lost their innocence — and the nephew was seduced right into manhood.

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Pajama Party (1963)

MIDWOOD F274 1963 thumbnail
Midwood 1963 F274 thumbnail
MIDWOOD F274 1963
Midwood 1963 F274

Five luscious campus cuties on a no-holds-barred spree

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Private School

Beacon B269 thumbnail
Beacon B269 1959 thumbnail
Beacon B269
Beacon B269 1959

The Girls Taught Each Other About Love!
Every Parent Should Read This Shocking Novel Of Adolescent Girls Who First Tolerated Vice — Then Embraced It — Then Could Not Live Without It…!

From the back:

The Briars had a fine reputation as a school for adolescent girls. Yet the goings-on behind its ivy-covered walls were scandalous enough to shock the most hardened adult! For it was not just a matter of secret trysts with men. Here the young ladies were subjected to far worse iniquities. Certain members of the faculty were teaching the special subject of “love” to the more attractive girls, inducting them into warped and twisted practices….
Blonde Rhoda Sterling, for in-stance, and that Southern student, Emmylou Berry — both were educated in perversity by the handsome gym mistress. Fetching Elise Longstreet, who arrived at school with a healthy — too healthy — need for boys, was forced to endure the cruel indignities of Miss de Sousa, of the English Department. Obviously, only experiences with virile men could rescue such girls from their own warned passions. But would the world understand if measures drastic were attempted? After all, the pretty darlings were so young, so tender, so very tempting…
Behind The Venerable Facade Of Many A Private School Lurks Unutterable Vice And Wickedness. This Novel Affords A Glimpse Of Conditions Which Cry For Correction!


The Pleasure Salesman

1965 Brandon House #742 thumbnail
Brandon House 742 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House #742
Brandon House 742 1965

He offered his services to love-starved young girls.

Because if there is one demographic known both for having money and for not having any opportunities for pleasure, it is young girls.

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Sex In Our Schools

Monarch MB521 1962 thumbnail
Monarch MB521 1962 Back thumbnail
Monarch MB521 1962
Monarch MB521 1962 Back

A Revealing Report On The Emotional Conflicts That Beset Our Younger Generation

From the back:

There is a sickness in our society today. Parents neglect their children, or else order them about so sternly that they rebel. Sexual and social mores are changing. “Everything for kicks” is the motto of our younger generation as they ignore self-discipline and flout recognized authority.
Sexual liberty is a natural outgrowth of such rebellion. Girls who have had several lovers before they are Sweet Sixteen, boys who could give many older people lessons in love—these are the children we see so frequently today.
There is no simple solution BUT unless we want to be over-whelmed by a rising tide of illegitimate children and emotional cripples, we will have to start finding some answers, says Dr. Woodward in this penetrating study of what makes our young people tick.


The Education of Lydia

The Education of Lydia, paperback cover, 1963 thumbnail
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Beacon Books Signal Sixty B672X, 1963 thumbnail
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The Education of Lydia, paperback cover, 1963
Beacon Books Signal Sixty B672X, 1963

She Was Sweet And Shy – Until They Gave Her Special Courses
A novel dealing with the kind of campus activity that never appears on a report card

Her unusual upbringing had made her too vulnerable
A Frankly Different Novel About The Social And Sexual Problems Of College Girls

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Jenny’s Games

Brandon House 736 1965 thumbnail
1965 Brandon House 736 thumbnail
Brandon House 736 1965
1965 Brandon House 736

An innocent game with her sister’s husband became a nightmare of sin!

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