This Sword For Hire

This Sword for Hire, paperback cover, 1966 thumbnail
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This Sword for Hire, paperback cover, 1966
Paperback Library 54-973 1966

Adrian was a rogue for sale. It was his way of life — and love!

This entire book can be read here


I Was Cursed By A Pagan Idol

Adventure August 1966

Where To Find Mexico’s Billion-Peso Treasure! That’s like, what? Two grand?


The Berlin Wall Affair


Not Since The Man From O.R.G.Y. Has Their Been An Adventurer Life Rod Damon — The Coxeman

First in the Coxeman series


Blonde On The Loose


Also featuring Bikini Busters of Hawaii, Prettiest Lass In Paris, New Commie Sex Drug, and Sex Habits Of Secretaries


How To Handle Your Sex Fears

Real October, 1962

Presumably by shooting them.


I Found A Queen Of Diamonds


Also featuring, Africa’s “Port of Instant Bliss”, Girls Were Mussolini’s Secret Weapons, Gentle Art of Wenching, and Beach Blondes Of Scandinavia


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I Found Colombia’s Underwater City Of Gold

I was forced to watch in horror as… Whips Tasted Her Blood!

Men in Conflict October 1961

Also, Sex Drugs For Sale, Call-Girls On Campus and Knife At My Throat