The Free-Love Fräuleins Who Are Plotting In Blood

Men in Conflict Magazine August 1961


She Learned The Meaning Of Fear

Men in Conflict December 1962

Also featuring The Wolf Woman Who Beat The Reds, The Call Girl Cutie Who Won A War, and Girl Smugglers Of Tokyo


Nudism: Invitation To Vice

Men In Conflict Magazine December 1961

Also featuring Snakes On Her Body, My Wife Was For Sale!, and The Dead Are Always Beautiful


Vice Girls On The Spot

Men In Conflict Magazine August 1961

I think all three men on this cover are Steve Holland. The first issue, it also features Free Sex For Every Man, They Watched Us Die!, and Blood On The Canvas


The Cannibal Cruise Of The “Essex”

February, 1962 Men in Conflict thumbnail
Men In Conflict February 1962 thumbnail
February, 1962 Men in Conflict
Men In Conflict February 1962

Also, Let’s Make Stag Shows Legal, Thirty-Five Seconds Of Slaughter, and Queen City Of Sex

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Vice Girl For The Killer

MEN IN CONFLICT February 1963

She Matched Her Greed Against The Panic Of A Hunted Outlaw

Also featuring Sex And The Commuter, Accident: Don’t Touch, Beware These Love Traps and The Jungle Nympho Of Elephant Pass


Pain — The Key To Sex Happiness!

Men In Conflict May 1966

Also featuring I Fight With Killer Snakes! and The Terrible Truth About Devil Worship. Cover reused from the August 1961 issue of Battle Cry


The True Facts About Fighting Women!

MEN in CONFLICT October 1962 thumbnail
Men In Conflict October 1962 thumbnail
MEN in CONFLICT October 1962
Men In Conflict October 1962

Also featuring Sex — Twenty Four Hours A Day, The Toughest Man In The Marines, 49 Bundles Of Love, and Blood On My Face

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Valley Of Witchcraft

Men In Conflict February 1966

Also featuring Offbeat Sex, Strip, Honey, Or You’ll Freeze To Death!, The Night The Wolves Attacked, and World-Wide Cruise Of The Ship Of Vice. Cover reused from a 1965 issue of Man’s Prime


I was forced to watch in horror as… Whips Tasted Her Blood!

Men in Conflict October 1961

Also, Sex Drugs For Sale, Call-Girls On Campus and Knife At My Throat