How I Smashed The Switch-Blade Lust Gang!

PERIL January 1963

Also featuring Farewell Orgy Of The Blood-Mad Foreign Legion, Roman Scandal Of The Nympho Co-Eds, and 17 Nude Models And The Sex-Crazed Camera Bugs!


Trapped By The Bone Crushing Red Giant

Peril August 1958

Also, Why Men Cheat On Their Wives, Times Square: Sin City, Hottest Peelers’ Around The World, and I Blew Myself Up


A Rope For Danny Wyatt

Peril December 1957

Also, Castration: Man’s Greatest Fear, The Whip-Crazy Killer of St Paul, and Radiation — And The Freaks Of Tomorrow


Trapped By An Octopus

PERIL #1 -OCT 1956 thumbnail
Man's Peril October 1956 thumbnail
PERIL #1 -OCT 1956
Man's Peril October 1956

Also, Teach Your Wife To Fight Dirty, Sex Slaves For Sale, and Killers In The Brush

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Cockeyed Men Make Good Lovers

Peril (Nov., 1959). Cover Art by Basil Gogos

Also, Prostitution Inc. Employs 30,000 Harlots, Mad Sadist Of Dunstable, 4 Had To Die, Living Hell At Camp No. 3, and The Race For The Iron Curtain


Mike Conway Finds The White Cannibal Queen Of The Sacred Forest

Peril (Sept., 1959).

Also, Are You Making Your Wife A Lesbian?


Their Bodies Glowed With Fire


Hot Space Babe vs Cowboy? Sure, why not?

Also featuring Sin Traps of Suburbia, The Rebel and the Royal Wench, “The Skipper Was A Madam!”, How Science Makes “Shes” Of “Hes”, and Trapped by the Love-Mad Mermaids


Have Sex — Will Travel

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Peril December, 1958 thumbnail
Peril December, 1958

Also featuring Lust and Vice on Stag Island and American Men Are Slaves to Their Wives

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The Beast Who Needed Love

Peril October 1961

Also, Can Surgery Cure Frigidity?