Contraband Girl

StagOct1958 thumbnail
Stag October 1958 thumbnail
Stag October 1958

Hot Cargo From Tangier — Guns, Money And A Shapely Decoy

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I Lived In An Amazing Amazon Female Village

Yield to the Amazon Women, Stag magazine cover, April 1968 thumbnail
Stag magazine cover, April 1968 thumbnail
Yield to the Amazon Women, Stag magazine cover, April 1968
Stag magazine cover, April 1968


The Polar Bear’s Revenge

Stag December 1972

The American-Eskimo Task Force That Stopped A Wildlife Massacre


Escape From Hell Island

Stag Men's Adventure Magazine December 1960 thumbnail
Stag December 1960 thumbnail
Stag Men's Adventure Magazine December 1960
Stag December 1960

Also featuring “Gimlet-Eye” Butler: America’s Greatest Marine and How Mexico Handles Sex Behind Bars

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My Afternoon Girl

Stag October 1968

Also featuring The Man Eaters, Latest Sex Party Shocker (Guests Will Wear Masks At All Times!) My Six-Week Survival In The World’s Wildest Jungle, Bailing Out Over North Vietnam… Come And Get Me!, and How 20,000 Innocent Americans Are Accused, Convicted And Jailed Each Year


The Lost “Masochist Tribe” of Komodo Island

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Stag July 1965 thumbnail
Stag July 1965

Also, Sex Secrets You Don’t Know About Foreign Women


The Lieutenant Who Took 20,000 POWs

Stag May 1965

Also featuring Cellblock Women Of The World’s Strangest Penal Island and Secret Sex World of Debutant Call Girls


The Air Force Colonel Who Robbed A Bank

Stag July 1959

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune.


I Was Kidnapped By The French Foreign Legion

Stag (July, 1950)

Also, Why College Men Are Sexually Inferior


The China Doll At Sam Duck’s Place

Stag August 1959

Espionage — A $100,000 Beauty — And An American Who Upset A Communist Timetable


Bayou Doll and Her Hijack Lovers

Adventure Magazine May 1959

Queen Of A Wild Swampland Country