Plunder of the Sun [Hard Case reprint]


On the trail of the lost treasure of the Incas — with every fortune hunter in South America closing in!

Al Colby should never have agreed to smuggle the package from Chile to Peru. Now one man’s dead, two beautiful women have betrayed him, and a couple of gunmen are hot on his trail. All because of an ancient Quechua manuscript pointing to the hiding place of a priceless hoard of gold, lost for centuries. Now the race is on — by train, by plane, by motorboat and by mule — first to find the treasure and then to escape with it alive…

via Hard Case Crime. A reprint of the book featured here.

My Incredible Trek To The Forbidden Land

21224331-Sport Trails magazine, Winter 1956-57, cover by Mort Kunstler

Also, Safari to the World of Ice and We Battled The Zambesi Raiders


Illustration for Men’s World magazine, c. 1967-1972


Note the random babe in the Commie army. Because, why the hell not?


City Of The Night — The Place Where Anything Goes

20683874-Adventure magazine - 1955 04 April - bear attack


Human Anchor in The Ice Pack


Also, ‘Messy Love Lives of Millionaires’, ‘TV: Killer In Your Living Room’, and ‘Mating Rite of the Python Princess’


Where Vengeance Blazed The Trail


She looks a little cold. If you know what I mean.

Blood on the Brand


The Exciting Story of a Mounty and a Girl-Scout Practicing Ballroom Dancing!