3 thoughts on “The Asteroid of Death”

  1. I love the colors of the (assumed) asteroid. That reminds me of one of the Apollo mission astronauts, the one who was the artist, I think maybe it was Buzz Aldrin, who published a book of art that he painted of the moon. The art was in kaleidoscope colors. Some thought that he was just taking artistic license, while Richard Hoagland, I think it was, or maybe it was Art Bell, or maybe it was both of them, thought that it wasn’t artistic license, but that Aldrin was painting the moon as he really remembered seeing it, because there were paper thin “glass domes” all over the moon which scattered the Sun’s light making the moonscape reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

  2. My bad. It was Alan Bean. That was the astronaut who was the artist, not Buzz Aldrin. His curiously colorful moon art is found in the book, “Painting Apollo: First Artist on Another World” and also can be seen on his official website: http://www.alanbean.com

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