The Bed Sheet Jungle

Monarch Books 228 1961 thumbnail
Monarch 228 1961 thumbnail
Monarch Books 228 1961
Monarch 228 1961

She Was A Hothouse Flower — With Night-Blooming Habits

From the back:

Here is a headline-hot story of a secret struggle for power in
the Florida resort hotel business — and a woman who played
the decoy in one such shady deal. Slugging it out are:

MORT BERGER – Owner of the Quatrefoil, whose playgirl
daughter, Toni, has been threatened with violence if he
doesn’t knuckle under to the Syndicate…

RAND CULVER – Rival hotel manager, who wants both the
Delmonico and Toni, and who strikes his best blows in bed…

DOUG TRENARY – Toni’s young husband, who knows what she
is, but is drawn by his helpless need of her into the unbridled
battle for her possession.

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