The Lash

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Beacon B825X 1965
Beacon Softcover Library S75103 1965

Maris Van Norden got her kicks in peculiar ways….

From the  back:

Maybelle was twisted, emotionally sick. Under the guise
of soothing and massaging younger women, she deliberately
inflicted pain — to punish sinful yearnings for men,
she said. Thus did she bring victims under her lesbian sway.
The loveliest of these was Maris Van Norden. Under
Maybelle’s spell, young Maris knew keen guilt because
of her healthy yearnings for men. She agreed
to move to an isolated country mansion, where
Maybelle could completely rule her — and also cruelly
dominate Laurie, Maris’ virgin sister.
But big, handsome men of the countryside upset the
scheme. They crashed the barriers, taught both Maris and
Laurie what wholesome sex could mean. Maybelle fought
back with preachings and punishments — only to suffer the
most brutal punishment of all.

This cover art was reused for The Sexecutives


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