The Dragoman’s Jest

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Oriental Stories Winter 1932 thumbnail
006-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)006-7 thumbnail
033-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)033 thumbnail
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Oriental Stories Winter 1932
006-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)006-7
033-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)033
043-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)043
069-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)069
083-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)083

This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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One thought on “The Dragoman’s Jest”

  1. Great full scan of a gorgeous, rare pulp. Short lived sister pub to Weird Tales (sharing some of it’s best writers). Much appreciated.

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