The Dragoman’s Confession

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Oriental Stories Summer 1932
006-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 006
036-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 036
118-OS v02n03 (1932-Sum) 118

This entire issue can be downloaded here


Hawks of the Outremer

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Oriental Stories 1931Spring
007-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)006-007
036-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)035
130-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)129
142-OS v01n04 (1931-Spr)141

This entire issue, which includes the Cormac FitzGeoffrey story Hawks Of Outremer by Robert E. Howard, can be downloaded here


The Dragoman’s Jest

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Oriental Stories Winter 1932
006-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)006-7
033-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)033
043-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)043
069-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)069
083-OS v02n01 (1932-Win)083

This entire issue can be downloaded here.

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Singapore Nights


Facinating Tales of the East

Issue #1. The title would only publish nine issues before being retitled Magic Carpet. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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