The Four Who Escaped From The Infamous Tan Toey Barracks

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They were a strange, mixed bag: a to-hell-with-danger Yank, his hard-hitting Filipino guide, a never-say-no British nymph and a beautiful Manila pom-pom girl — yet together they pulled off the most harrowing getaway of the Philippines War

This issue also features Corporal Kovak’s “Virgins from Hell” Girls: Their sex-and-stiletto raids drove the Germans from the Yugoslav hills

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2 thoughts on “The Four Who Escaped From The Infamous Tan Toey Barracks”

  1. I can see the hell-with-danger yank (- he is most prominent of course), his hard hitting guide, the British Nymph and pom-pom girl – but who the hell is rowing the raft and making sure they all escape safely!? Oh, I see, a mere native girl. Thank God SHE’S on board as the rest are all quite useless. Good luck with firing accurately from a rampaging raft going over rapids, chum!!

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